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So I wanted to do something super random, easy and fun and thought hey let's do the shuffle tag. This  tag has been around for donkeys years and its a game anyone can do even lazy people like me. 
Anyways this is how it goes, there are a bunch of statements and your responses are music titles on your phone played on shuffle. I usually listen to pandora or youtube on my phone so my music selection is super limited but here I go.


1. How am I feeling today?
Work ~ Iggy Azalea"I've been up all night, tryna get that rich
I've been work work work work working on my shit
Milked the whole game twice, gotta get it how I live
I've been work work work work working on my shit"

YASSSSSS literally how I was felt while sending emails and phone calls all day!

2. How do my friends see me?
Rack city ~ Tyga 

Hahahahaha my friends and I have many inside jokes about me and my boobies.

3. My theme song?
Take me to church ~ Hozier ( Sophie Cover)

The original is good, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sophie's cover. Her voice in the song is so powerful its perfect for the song.

4. What was highschool like?
200% ~ Akmu

This is a korean song but translated its about a cute love confession. The music clip is based on highschool love which is super adorable, shame my highschool romance was nothing like that! 

5. Wedding song
Lips are moving ~ Megan Trainor

hahahah nooooo

6. Current relationship status
Look alive ~ Everyll music original

Love this song, not sure how it relates to my love life tho. Highly recommended tho!

7. What will i grow up as?
Break your back ~ Dev ft Cataracs

Wahhh nooooo

8. Whats happening this weekend?
Birthday ~ ft Cody Wise

Partyyyyyy! How did you know!

9. Add "in my pants" at the end of this song
Get it 'in my pants' ~ Havana Brown


10.This song describes your week.
22 ~ Taylor Swift

That makes sense, I did feel my age this week.

11. The song will play when you think of someone you love.
Call my name ~ Cheryl Cole

12. The song will play when you miss someone.
Waves ~ Mr. Probz

Now its your turn. Just grab your phone and play it on shuffle, see what you get!
  xx Nikki

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