Love what you live

So I had the opportunity to help out at a recent Business Chicks event hosted at Perth Novetel. It was a breakfast networking event and special guest Naomi Simson was there to talk about her new book and also inspire women to reach their full potential and learn to love what they do. It was great to see a lot of women absorbing Naomi's wise words and she really worked the crowd well, motivated everyone in the room. One of the main points she talked about was how language is one of the most vital influences in your life. She discussed how it is the specific words you choose and how you interpret things that will influence your life, so pretty much your choice of words will define your destiny. It was an interesting idea as it does make sense, the way you interpret things and the way you see things from different perspectives can alter your choices, your future and your fate. Even a simply change of words from I can't to I can, could change your attitude towards things thus changing the result. Also don't see things as making decisive decisions as this sets boundaries and connotes cutting options off, but see it as creating choices as this connotes opportunity to change and open up more options.


Lastly Naomi discussed how relationships is not what you get but what you give. Even something simply like going to a networking event like this is a great opportunity to meet and hear from others and see how and what you could give or help them in any sort of way. This is one advice that I have always carried with myself and is one of my favourite life values. This is the reason why I love to volunteer at events, donate to charity and help people however I can. Giving, even something simple like your time, is the most valuable thing any one could ever do and is something everyone should feel proud of doing.

xx Nikki

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