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Fox Feet Time

So it was that time of the year when Fox Feet had their annual summer runway. The concept was emerging WA designers so it was a showcase of many upcoming talent in Perth. This time it was held at Causeway again, and as much as I love the Causeway and its edgy-street vibe, its so sad that the venue was way to small for its capacity, many people could barely see. I was lucky because I'm a tinie tiny asian and bop'd my way infront to get a pretty okish view. 
The reason I love going to these small non-for profit shows is because I love seeing new upcoming designers and discovering fresh talent. I appreciate when new designers showcase and talk about their work and you can sincerely see all the effort and passion they have put into their pieces. Its events like these that give them the platform and confidence they need, so I will be happy to support local designers however I can.

So overall favourites of the night were from Ellavanna and Pervanni who created amazing accessories and design pieces that I just adore. I have worked on shows with Pervanni before and I have been in love with Chloe's work for a while, her detailing is just on point and I will have to purchase a piece soon! They are both so unique and versatile in their own way and I would definitely recommend to keep a look out for them in the near future. 

Designers featured at the event

A fuzzy quick snapshot of the night. 

xx Nikki

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