Appreciate You

So I wanted to write this little post because it is a thought that goes through my mind all the time but I never knew how to express it properly so I thought hey why not write it down. I did make this blog to write my thoughts and experiences down so why not.


So it all happened up yesterday when I was going to uni. Nothing new, same shizznit just different day. When I go to uni I walk pass this cafe and every week there is a different musician playing or singing in the background while everyone just mindlessly drinks their coffee to the echo of live music. So the other day when I was walking to uni and it was pouring with rain, like legit hair blowing, rain spiting, tornado crazy rain. As I was walking I started hearing that familiar guitar sound and I realise that a man was performing. He was singing and playing his guitar to empty chairs that were getting drenched in rain. So thinking to myself I was like what an idiot. Who plays to an empty crowd, who comes all the way here to have their music not heard by anyone. Then I realised, why not? If you love it and enjoy what you do, why do you need reassurance and compliments from others about it.

It was a really random day but thinking about that man playing and all these positive quotes, it made me think that I should appreciate myself and what I have achieved before starting to think about changing my ways. I shouldnt just rely on reassurance from other people or compare myself to others.  I should be more happy, more satisfied, more inspired, more positive. But in the end sometimes we all need a little rain to appreciate the sun. 

People should first just appreciate who they are and who they have become before needing reminders to start being more positive etc. Anyhoooo enough of my nonense, here are some quotes and hopefully they will get rid of negativity thoughts.

xx Nikki

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