Grateful Days

Hey Internet friends!

I wanted to make a grateful post based on my little grateful book. Inspired by bubz Lindy on youtube who has her own little grateful book I too attempt to have my own grateful book. I say 'attempt' because it isn't very consistent and its more of a little record of things I do. Anyways a grateful book is a just a journal filled with 'what you are grateful for today?' thoughts everyday. I also put the day's adventures because they will be tomorrow's memories such as things I had or did for the day or special things that make me smile. So when I am feeling down I can have quick read and turn that frown upside down!

I was thinking this post might help and motivate me if I would put up my grateful moments up on here as a way to record it and also spread the lurveeeeee. My grateful moments may spark someone else to greatly appreciate what they have or even maybe start their own little grateful journal.


So in the past week here are the 5 things I am grateful for are; 

1. Old Friends.
Sometimes it is hard to appreciate old friends that you haven't seen in a while and when you do you appreciate them more. We may have different paths and barely cross but I am grateful to have crossed paths with them at all. They would have influenced me in someway, small or big, and it will always be appreciated.

2. Peanut Butter Chocolate
Last week was PB Chocolate overload trying Gelare's new PB Chocolate Icecream, discovering PB Chocolate Pop Tarts, and the endless PB Chocolate Reeses Cups. I blame my friend for her PB Choc addition and getting me on board. But damn I am bloody grateful to whoever discovered/invented peanut butter and chocolate.

3. Love for Ice Dessert.
So last week I went for ice dessert and dude if you have not tried crushed ice or snow ice dessert then ummm what is your life? Imagine ice, mango, jelly, coconut milk, snow ice, popping jelly...even though its autumn and a bit cold and windy, ice dessert is still bombdiggity! Grateful my craving is satisfied!

4. South Perth Foreshore
I have only recently properly explored the South Perth foreshore and I am in loveeee! It reminds me of Albany and my casual walks along empty beaches with friends to clear my head. South Perth overlooks the Perth City across the swan river and is a recommend go to place to take a breather from the crazy of life.

5. Networking Friends
I am grateful that I have made some great friends through networking at events and clubs and knowing that I have their backs and they have mine. If they need help I am always willing to help where I can and if I ever need help socially or professional there are people I know I can rely on.


So looking back on your crazy past week, do you have anything to be grateful for? Big or small, maybe write it down so you can remind your self how grateful you are when times are low.

xx Nikki

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