Winter is Coming

Hey internet friends 

Just a quick post for the weekend. I'm am slowly getting the hang of regular posting I just need to make sure it isnt too boring to read haha. Anyways this week Perth's weather has been beyond crazy, one minute it's summertime fine and next minute your running for your life because your in a midst of Hurricane Jane. Anyways I'm all rugged up and I thought I would share what I like to do on my winter nights. 


Movies in bed
I love a good romantic comedy while all wrapped in bed. Who doesn't though? Or if I am not feeling that I can usually rely on FRIENDS or the tv series I am currently obsessing over (surprisingly I don't have one now so let me know if you recommend a good tv series)

Turn up the music
If I have things to do I love blaring out my pandora (online radio) in the background so I dont have to think about changing songs. (Currently I am obsessing over Kpop, listening to some right now as I write this post, annyeonghaseyo haha)

Beautify myself
For some reason I tend to use face masks, pore strips, creams and use all these skin products more when its winter. Maybe because summer I am way too hot to put anything else on me. 

Get fat 
Winter for me means more reason to eat to keep warm. Fat people logic. When in winter  I Iove to over indulge than usual on chocolate, lollies, sweets, teas and soups. All foods really, any excuse to eat. Oohh and dont forget endless excuses to drink hot chocolates and chai latte in winter!

Whats your winter nights like?
 Xx Nikki

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