A day for mothers

Its Mothers Day!!! Yay time to celebrate all you lovely mumma bears out there! 

Personally mothers day has never been a big celebration in my family, yes it was great to acknowledge my mama and how wonderful she is but I don't need just one day to show how much she means to me. My family were never one to give gifts but the occasional primary school card and school DIY projects were usually appreciated but never kept. Go figure, my Asian parents! It wasn't because I was stingy or didn't care it was just because it was never a big deal to give gifts. Same as other holidays or birthdays. They weren't and are still not a big deal but now when I receive or give a gifts it always seems more personal and appreciative. Even though I barely see my mumma or my dad I still think of them and wonder how's life treating them 500kms away! Yay for putting up with all me through out my life, you did well! 


One thing I always keep with me is that where ever you go, what ever you do don't forget where you came from and don't forget your upbringing. I was always taught about respecting your parents, your elders and especially your mother. They brought you to this world so always appreciate the good they did for you as they may have helped shaped who you are today! We take things for granted and our parents is a common one. I take them for granted all the time, but every now and then I remember that not everyone has loving and supporting parents as I did. So I should not be so selfish and be more grateful. So don't be like me, send mumma bear some love and tell her how much she means to you! 

A mother is a teacher, fighter, lover and a role model and every day with them is a valuable gift, every day away is a missed opportunity.

p.s send you papa some love too, he might feel left out!

xx Nikki

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