Coffee date anyone?

Therobroma Chocolate Lounge

When was the last time you went on a coffee date with a friend?

 Not grabbing lunch or a meal and not including interviews or meetings at the cafe down the street. I mean catching up with an old friend over a coffee or in my case hot chocolates and the occasional chai latte. I was tired of always trying to organise lunches and catch ups with friends with cray cray schedules because it always fell through. So I randomly said to a friend hey let's go for a quick coffee. Smartest idea all year I reckon! 

It's so hard to catch up with someone you haven't seen in so long and have barely spoken too! Texting is just for practical purposes and Facebook is for the casual stalk and 'i miss you' messages and theres calling but...who calls just for a casual chat these days. We went to Chocolate Lounge in Waterford and while sitting there in conversation I realised...when was the last time I did this. When did I just sit down with a friend over a drink ( not an alcoholic beverage of some sort) and just caught up with someone. You would think coffee dates would be everyone's thing since we live in a busy world, but I found everyone wants to have dinner or lunch instead and when schedules don't match the catch up doesn't happen at all. So now I've decided I am going to try to have more coffee dates with people, especially those busy social butterfly friends. If we can't do lunch we are definitely going to do chai lattes and hot chocolates instead!


 Do you prefer catching up over dinner/lunch or do you prefer the traditional coffee date? For me I prefer both, as long as there's food it will always bring people together!

xx Nikki

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