Umm who is this?

So who are you? It's funny how its usually the first thing we say to someone we first me, who are you? What's your name? What do you do?  But there is one thing we think of every time we meet someone new but never dare to say out loud. 
What is your story?

As of this exact second there are 7,230,227,930 people in the world (yes i googled it, dont judge) and no two stories will ever be the same, crazy huh! Your challenges, your achievements, your experience, your lessons learnt those are yours alone and these are the footprints that have brought your here. Like legit brought you to this computer reading this! ;) 

For years I have always loved the idea of making a blog but I never had a reason too but recently I came to a realisation. I realised that time flies! (WOAH MIND BLOWN right?) No of course I always knew time flies and memories fade....preee sure thats a song. Anyways I have experienced some great things in the past and crossed paths with some amazing people that I dont have much to show for it. So I wanted something I could use to document these little pages and celebrate a few snippets of life. Plus its something I can use to share, annoy and update family, friends, whoever and when ever. WIN WIN!


So here is my pledge: I want to create this place as my little time capsule hub. I want to record all the fun things I do, the projects I make, the places I go, the people I meet because honestly why not. It is probably gonna be lame and boring but hey, you stayed and read through all of this so it cant be half as bad ay! Lets just play it by ear and see how this evolves, you never know I may cave and end up only lasting for a week!


So now I invite you to share my journey, my invisible story.

xx Nikki

p.s this is my story, whats yours?

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