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Hi Internet Friends!

Ohhhh myyyy gooooooooddneeeesssssssss it is now JUNE! Like dude the year is already nearly halfway. How is that even possible! I feel like I have wasted most of my year and I have no idea what to show for it. Anyways its now a new month so let me share my current obsessions.

Firstly I need to confess something. I have a guilty pleasure and that is in the form of KPOP!! The crazier, colourful and dancey it is the more I love it. Kpop is an example of what a pop melody should be! Welll if Lorde says it, you know its legit hahaha!

My pandora has a few Kpop music playlists in there but my current obsession is Akdong Musician (AKMU). They are a sibling duo raised in Mongolia who won a Kpop reality tv show. Definition of cute and talent times a million! Their music clips are beyond adorable and if you like those cutie highschool love songs then you will love them too!

If you have seen my instagram a few weeks ago I brought some Revlon scented nailpolish. Recently I have been using them to add a touch of colour to my nails and the scented feature is just an added bonus. I must buy more of these soon!

And I can not forget my recent favourite purchase! I have been wearing it non stop and I just adore it so much. I am in a big phase where I much prefer simplicity in everything I wear.

And lastly is this Green Tea Mask I brought from The Face Shop. Dont worry I will be doing a face mask post about some different face masks I have tried recently. Keep your eyes out for that!

Dont forget to share any of your current obsessions!

xx Nikki

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