Art has no rules

The best thing about the internet is finding random things and discovering amazing talent. So today I wanted to dedicate this post to a few of my current favourite artists how I just simply adore their work and artistry. 

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 First up is Mina Kwon a reknowned hip hop illustrator based in Korea. Her work is always filled with fun, energy and lots of colour. I discovered her on youtube channel ISAtv where they did a short doco on a few different boss ass woman and since then I have been obsessed with her work. Last month she recently collaborated with Forever21 with their Spongebob celebration collection so I recommend checking it out.

Next we have Shane Bowden. I stumbled upon his work on instagram, where a few people had styled their work space with his art pieces and I just fell in love with his designs. His work is so edgy and grungy/art pop-like but he mixes it up by adding high end themes which I just adore! I will definitely want to purchase his work in the near future, such timeless pieces.

Thirdly is local Perth illustrator Pippa Mcmanus. I have been in love with her artwork and style for so long its not funny. She has also worked with various people and businesses around Perth, so its always fun when you spot her artwork and murals on shop windows or around the city.

Lastly is a recent discovery and he goes by the name of Aaron Favaloro. His illustrations are simply adorable and so sleek. I love how he captures fashion into such beautiful cartoon life-likes. They remind of me of little bobble heads, but it works so well. It is so refreshing to see fashion illustration presented in a quirky way and I cant wait to see what Aaron brings in 2015.

xx Nikki

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