Yep its me!

Perth, Westralia

Just another nsain blogger (pun intended)


Hi my name is Nikki and welcome to my blog! I wanted to make something I could use to share my fun moments with everyone and this seemed like a perfect idea. In 2011 I moved from a small town to the big city called Perth and four years later I am now on the home stretch to graduate with a PR and Marketing degree..soo fancy!! 

 I've spent several years thinking about making a blog but my laziness got the better of me and I never committed. So now I am committing and seeing how I go from here. I hope to fill this spaces with a sprinkle of everything from lifestyle, beauty, nails, DIY, current obsessions, music, events, who ever, what ever and everything in between. So for now let's just say this will be my little lifestyle blog that will be filled with chocolate goodies because life's like a box of chocolate!!! (props if you get the reference!)



So read, comment, enjoy and feel free to let me know what ideas would interest you!

xx Nikki